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This challenge using our Time Attack Arena. There are 15 G&G M.E.T Electric Target which blink randomly at this area. Shot all of them and record your best time. Do the challenge for 3 time and we'll count up your two best round time.

You can entry with your favourite airsoft gun.
4 class available : Gas Blow Back Hand Gun, Electric Rifle, Manual Load (Shotgun), Dark Mode

Entry Period for Spring Match: March-May (29 May Last Entry)

2022 Rank  updated 8 Apr 2022

gbb handgun.png
El Riffle.png
Shotgun rank.png
dark mode.png
gbb april.png
riffle aril.png
shotgun april.png
dark april.png

2022 Spring Rank  March-May

1. One entry per day for each class

2. Play 3 challenge rounds and we'll count your best two rounds

3. You can use scope or dot sigth but not laser sigth

4. Only semi-auto mode can be used at challenge

5. Please call the staff before start the entry

6. If your gun has a trouble (bullet/gas empty, etc) round will count as 90 sec

7. Prizes available for the best shooter from each class at the end of the month

Time Attack Challenge Gallery

time attack.png

Challenge Video


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